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Updated: May 19, 2018

When Myron began his landslide of health issues I was determined to find stories about kids like him. I would spend countless hours Googling anything and everything about what was going on with him and our family. I would search and search hoping that I would come across someone or something that made me feel like I wasn't alone in what we were going through. I would find small snippets here and there and would be encouraged, but it was never enough. I wanted to know more. I wanted more detail. I wanted to know if their kid screamed during breakfast every morning like mine, or if they were unsure about all the medical recommendations like I was. I wanted to know what they were reading, who their favorite doctors were, and how many hours of therapies they chose to do. I wanted to see video examples of how their kids acted or what their seizures looked like. I wanted to know all about their story so I could know what their life looked like and that I wasn’t the only one with a “one” as a child.

On one of my frantic searching binges I started thinking that there are probably thousands of parents out there who are looking for people like them to relate to with kids who are going through the same thing. I thought if there are others like me, and surely there must be, then maybe they would feel encouraged to hear my story and perspective. So I decided it might be a good time to start sharing our experience with others, and the idea of One in a Myron was born.

If you’re one of those parents, I hope you find encouragement here. But One in a Myron is not just for parents like us. It is also for those who are not living in a world like Myron’s. As he is getting older and his behaviors are more inappropriate for his age, people in public places have began making rude comments under their breath, shooting me glances of disapproval, and even just telling me straight to my face what they think I should be doing. I can’t tell you enough how hurtful this is. I have spent countless hours researching, talking to therapists, and reading books trying to figure out how to appropriately discipline a special needs child. And when that woman in Target crosses into our world for three seconds and finds it suitable to make a judgement on my parenting —presumably ignorant on all things special needs — it makes me a little bit insane. That’s why I think this blog is truly for everyone. For everyone to see and know what life is honestly like for people with kids that do not fill the typical mold, and whose everyday experiences may look different than most.

I have no extravagant self views, and I know that I have no extraordinary skills as a mom that others lack. I do know that Myron is unique and being a mom to him has made me feel alone in so many ways, but also widened my perspective of parenting in so many ways. Being thrust into the world of special needs has actually made me more understanding of all children. The complexity of child development and regulation is astounding to me, and it’s a miracle that everybody isn't screaming their way through the grocery aisle.

My heart for this blog is twofold: for the parents and for the rest of the world. I would love to help end the isolation that can come with raising children — especially those who are different. I hope that the mom that is Googling frantically can land on my page and see that her kid isn’t the only “one.” I am also passionate about bringing awareness to the world of what families with autism and medical issues are dealing with. There are many stressful days when a person’s understanding and grace in the checkout line changes a frustrating trip to the store to an experience of compassion. If I can reduce the number of dirty looks, puzzled glances, and rude comments that special needs families endure, then One in a Myron will have accomplished its goal. That is why One in a Myron is for all those who love the “one” —those who love them because they are immediate family and friends and those who love them because they care about the struggles of atypical children. So for you moms that are in the trenches with me, you are not alone. And for the rest of you, when you see us around town, please give us the benefit of the doubt. We are probably just about ready to fall over and your kindness might save our day.

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1 Comment

May 21, 2018

This is so beautifully wonderful! Honored to know your precious family, thankful you created this space, and so encouraged by your words <3

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