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A Letter to My Daughter on Her First Birthday

My sweet, sweet Adaline,

From the day you were born, you’ve been a gift from God to us in so many ways. You came into our life right smack dab in the middle of the scariest times with Myron’s medical issues. I was scared I couldn't handle a newborn and all the stress. But, true to God's faithfulness, you became a source of love and tenderness that we didn't even know we needed.

You were the perfect baby. You were sweet and quiet and content. You slept well, ate well, and were easily entertained. As you've grown over this year, your easy going spirit has continued to be a hallmark of your personality.

You are the best sister already. You absolutely adore your brother. You make yourself known to him. You always try to play with him and laugh with him. He just has to glance your way and your whole face lights up. You are sensitive to his moods and concerned if he is upset.

You have been a companion on all of Myron's medical adventures already. You came with us to doctor appointments and tests and therapies. You have been required to be more patient than most babies. You have sat and waited while I needed to tend to your brother and then smiled so big at me when I turned to pick you up.

I didn't realize right away the impact Myron's diagnosis would have on you as his sibling. Myron often needs immediate attention and you have to wait more often than you should. You are going to have to be okay with him not regularly responding when you want to play with him or get his attention. Being a special needs sibling will not always be easy. But, I know you were made perfectly for our family. With your tough skin and your tender heart, you were fashioned and formed so uniquely by the One who knows everything.

I think about the future a lot and how I hope you never feel left out. I hope you feel as much our priority as your brother is because you are. I hope you can see how much your brother loves you even though he expresses it in different ways.

You inspire me. How can a one year old inspire an adult? It sounds crazy, but it is true. I look at you and can see that you are braver than I am. You are smarter and more outgoing. You are ambitious and passionate. I can see all these things about your personality and you are only one. It amazes me that God has put so much strength into you at such a young age. I know you are going to need it.

You are a special little love. My Adaline Rose.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, you have made our family even better!



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